How to Run Basic Volleyball Drills 
How to Run Basic Volleyball Drills
by eHow / Addison Musser
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In this video lesson, Volleyball Instructor, Addison Musser, teaches how to run a basic volleyball drills. That can be run include serving, passing, hitting and setting drills; each should be done repeatedly for consistency.

Video Transcript: "ADDISON MUSSER: "Hey my name is Addison from Captain Bills and I'm going to teach you how to run basic volleyball drills. There are many different drills you can use to play or to practice volleyball. There are serving drills, passing drills, hitting drills and setting drills. First one serving drills. Probably the most key thing in serving is repetition, over and over again so you can get your serve consistent. So when serving what you want to is you want to have a basket of balls, take the ball out in front of you, toss it up in front of you high enough so you have time to get to it and hit it with your hand. Your hand wants to be open, needs to be open and you want to hit it with the palm of your hand. So when you hit it, toss the ball in front of you, take your arm back, lead with your elbow and hit with your hand open and out in front of you. Passing drills you would need a tosser and a passer and a target. So the tosser would toss the ball to the passer, the passer wants to get behind the ball, face their target, use their knees, get their butt down. Use your platform,put your arms one on top of the other, fold them together to build your platform. When passing the ball you want to hit it between your wrists and your elbow. When passing the tosser is going to pass it to the, toss it to the passer, and then the passer will use their legs to keep their butt down, face their target to try to get into the target. Repetition is also very effective in passing drills, because passing is the backbone of volleyball. You want to make sure that you are very, a very consistent passer and you will succeed in volleyball. Hitting drills you have a setter who will set the ball to the hitter. Now hitting, when you are hitting you want to take a two step approach. So when you, depending on what if you are left handed or right handed, you are going to step with the opposite foot. So I'm right handed so I'm going to step first with my right foot, so I take a two step approach, right left, bend down put my hands behind me, palms facing up and then once I'm down bring my hands up to bring me up higher above the ground and then I'm going to drop my elbow lead with my left arm and swing through the ball. So the setter is going to set you the ball, you take your approach, jump up and hit it over the net. The next drill is setting drills. Setting you want to make sure that you use all five of your fingers, you want your fingers to be very, very relaxed. So when you are setting the ball, you want to take the ball and shape your hands in the shape of a ball. So when you are setting the ball, take the ball above your head where if you miss the ball it will hit you in your forehead. So you take the ball and set and it can not stay in your hands very long so you want to get it out almost as soon as possible. You also want to make sure your hands touch the ball at the exact same time. If they do not touch at the exact same time that is an illegal hit called a double hit. So if my hands don't hit the ball at the exact same time it's an illegal hit. So a setting drills you are going to have a tosser who will toss you the ball and you get under it you use your legs, face your target, and you want to push the ball out with your not only your wrists, but your legs also and face your target and try to get it in the target. All of these drills are need to have repetition. Each drill you need to work on daily to be consistent and to succeed in volleyball. And that is how you run basic volleyball drills."

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In this course, Volleyball Instructor Addison Musser gives 20 easy video lessons on How To Play Volleyball. In this video series, let a longtime volleyball player explain the game of volleyball. First, learn how a volleyball court is set up, how to keep score, as well as how to keep score, spike, block, bump and set a volleyball and how to jump serve. Next, get instructions on buying an outdoor volleyball net, dinking a volleyball, digging out a spike and pancaking a volleyball. Finally, learn about floating a serve, overhand serving, reading a volleyball court and running volleyball drills.


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