How to Spike a Volleyball 
How to Spike a Volleyball
by eHow / Addison Musser
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Date Added: July 11, 2009

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In this video lesson, Volleyball Instructor, Addison Musser, teaches how to spike a volleyball. Spiking a volleyball takes a two-step approach while jumping straight up in the air and hitting the ball down on the other side of the volleyball court with the palm of the hand.

Video Transcript: "ADDISON MUSSER: "Hey, my name is Addison from Captain Bills and I'm going to teach you how to spike a volleyball. Spiking a volleyball is probably the most fun part of volleyball. For me, anyway. Spiking a volleyball, I am right handed, so I take a two step approach leading with my right foot. If you're left handed you may want to start with your left foot. So what I do is I take a right left approach. So I start with my right foot, so right, left, bend my knees, squat down, put my arms out behind me with my palms facing up, and then when I'm ready to jump, I jump straight up, not out, you want to jump straight up so use your arms to lift you up off the ground as high as you can. You want to lead with your left arm so that you can get a better control on the ball. So lead with your left arm, bring your other right arm, your hitting arm back, leave with your elbow, open your hand, and follow through hitting the ball. When you spike a ball, you want to spike the ball on the heel of your hand to the palm of your hand. So, bend all the way down, palms facing up, arms behind you, lift up with your arms, lead with your left hand, bring your right hand back, or your hitting hand back, leave with your elbow, and hand facing is open, facing the ball, and hit the ball down. Following through. Put all those steps together, you can spike a volleyball. And that's how you spike the volleyball."

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In this course, Volleyball Instructor Addison Musser gives 20 easy video lessons on How To Play Volleyball. In this video series, let a longtime volleyball player explain the game of volleyball. First, learn how a volleyball court is set up, how to keep score, as well as how to keep score, spike, block, bump and set a volleyball and how to jump serve. Next, get instructions on buying an outdoor volleyball net, dinking a volleyball, digging out a spike and pancaking a volleyball. Finally, learn about floating a serve, overhand serving, reading a volleyball court and running volleyball drills.


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