How to Teach a Child to Kick in the Water 
How to Teach a Child to Kick in the Water
by eHow / Phillip Toriello
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Date Added: August 1, 2009

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In this video lesson, Swimming Instructor Phillip Toriello teaches how to teach a child to kick in the water. This requires the child to learn how to point their toes and keep their legs straight.

Video Transcript: PHILLIP TORIELLO: "Hi this is Phillip Toriello and this is how to teach a child how to kick. The best way to work with a child and the kicking process is to go ahead and work with ballerina toes or soldier toes or diver Dan kind of toes. So the first thing that I like to do is go ahead and have the child, can you show me your pointed toes Nams? Ballerina toes? Very nice. Keep the toes nice and pointing. If you associate it with a ballerina or diver Dan or something to that effect they'll be more likely to understand and get the concept down. The next thing we like to do is to go ahead and ask them to keep their legs absolutely straight. Not bended knees but straight legs. The process that I use for this is the red light, yellow light, green light. Red light means stop, yellow light meaning nice straight legs, pointed toes, don't bend your knees. Exactly. And then the green light means super fast straight legs and pointed toes. The best place to start for the child is by using the steps. They can hold on to the steps, keep their heads above water. Other tools would include noodles such as this. And we'll just put Callie on the noodle. Can you hold onto the noodle please? On top of the noodle? Hold on top of it. And show us your straight leg pointed toe kicks with face in the water. And go. Good job. Nice. And then can you kick back to us? Hold on to the noodle and kick back towards the wall okay? Go fast. Go. And then as they advance they can go ahead and use kick boards. I simply use the noodles to kind of incorporate color and a more fun soft utensil to help the child. To learn more please talk to your local swim instructing expert."

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In this video series, Swimming Instructor Phillip Toriello gives 25 video lessons on How to Swim. Learn how to swim the breaststroke, the backstroke and freestyle. Get tips on how to do flip turns for each type of swimming stoke and find out how to do swimming kicks like the eggbeater kick. Want to get the kids involved in swimming too? Find out how to teach children to swim with tips on teaching the survival float and child diving. Swimming is a useful skill and a fun activity that provides great exercise for all.


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