How to Use Two-Point Perspective 
How to Use Two-Point Perspective
by eHow / Robert Markey
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Date Added: July 20, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, eHow Expert Robert Markey teaches how to use a Two-point Perspective, which is a strategy of drawing to create a three-dimensional object by laying out two points of reference on the horizon line.

Video Transcript: ROBERT MARKEY: "I'm Robert Markey. I'm an artist and we're going to talk about two point perspective. The first issue that we need to know is where the horizon is. That's where, which is basically you're eye level which is how you get into two point perspective. So here's a horizon and we pick out two points. OK? And we talk about making a cube and anything else you want to do would kind of fit in that cube. OK? So, our lines go straight and the vertical line of the cube, back line. The other side and down to here. And for our top. And for our other top. OK? There's our two point perspective cube. If you want to be very exact you use a, you use a ruler to get it. And again you could use a, a vertical, maybe a T square to get your vertical. If you're up top the same idea only it's flipped. If say you're somewhere in the middle here and you want a square, and sometimes depending on the way it's turned your point might be way out there. So let's just sort of assume the point is over here and we're going to use the ruler this time, and go here and we'll go here. Let's put this one in here, get a different shape. Stand. And there's your two point perspective at horizon level. Again if you're up here somewhere and if you're way over here, that they're very different. Because this one and this one have a very different look here. And there's your cube flying up in the air, turned almost completely towards the viewer. I'm Robert Markey and we've been talking about two point perspective."

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In this course, eHow Expert Robert Markey gives 4 easy video lessons on Painting. Learn how to do a Glass Mosaic, how to use Two-Point Perspective, how to Frame Pastels, and creating Artwork with wood.


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