Integration in the complex plane (Cauchy-Goursat Integral Theorem) 
Integration in the complex plane (Cauchy-Goursat Integral Theorem) by Washington
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ME565 Lecture 3
Engineering Mathematics at the University of Washington

Integration in the complex plane (Cauchy-Goursat Integral Theorem)


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This is the second part of Prof. Steve Brunton's course on Mechanical Engineering Mathematics. It will provide an in-depth overview of powerful mathematical techniques for the analysis of engineering systems. In addition to developing core analytical capabilities, students will gain proficiency with various computational approaches used to solve these problems. Applications will be emphasized, including fluid mechanics, elasticity and vibrations, weather and climate systems, epidemiology, space mission design, and applications in control.

In this course, we will develop many powerful analytic tools. Equally important is the ability to implement these tools on a computer. The instructor and TAs use Matlab, and all examples in class will be in Matlab.


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