The Integumentary System, Part 2: Skin Deeper 
The Integumentary System, Part 2: Skin Deeper
by Crash Course
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Date Added: August 11, 2016

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TO: Helle Søndergaard
FROM: Martin Søndergaard

Congratulations for finishing first semester on physiotherapy! I'm so proud!


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Today Hank wraps up this look at your integumentary system and all the hard work it does protecting you from and helping you interact with the world around you.


Table of Contents:

Protects Your Body 1:25
Senses the Outside World 1:42
Helps Excrete Waste 2:17
Stores Blood 2:43
Regulates Temperature 2:59
Makes Vitamin D 5:18
Indicates Signs of Poor Health 3:55
How Your Hair & Nails Grow 5:57
The Difference Between Eccrine and Apocrine Sweat Glands 7:07
Sebaceous (Oil) Glands 8:17


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In this Crash Course series, Hank Green teaches most of what you should know about anatomy and physiology, perfect for a freshman-level biology course, or just your own curiosity about the human body.


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