by NPTEL / S. P Venkateshan
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Lecture Description

This video lecture, part of the series Mechanical Measurements and Metrology by Prof. S. P Venkateshan, does not currently have a detailed description and video lecture title. If you have watched this lecture and know what it is about, particularly what Engineering topics are discussed, please help us by commenting on this video with your suggested description and title. Many thanks from,

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Course Index

  1. Introduction
  2. Errors in Measurement
  3. Errors in Measurement
  4. Propagation of Errors
  5. Regression Analysis
  6. Regression Analysis (cont.)
  7. Design of Experiments
  8. Design of Experiments (cont.)
  9. Temperature Measurement
  10. Overview of Thermometry
  11. Thermoelectric Thermometry
  12. Thermoelectric Thermometry (cont.)
  13. Measurement of Temperature Under Various
  14. Errors in Temperature Measurement
  15. Measurement of Transient Temperature and Resistance Thermometry
  16. Resistance Thermometry (cont.)
  17. Resistance Thermometry (Cont.) and Pyrometry
  18. Pyrometry (Cont.)
  19. Pyrometry (Cont.)
  20. Pressure Measurement (Cont.)
  21. Pressure Measurement (Cont.)
  22. Pressure Measurement (Cont.)
  23. Pressure Measurement (Cont.)
  24. Transient Response of Pressure Transducers
  25. Transient Response of Pressure Transducers (Cont.)
  26. Measurement of High Vacuum
  27. Hot Wire Anemometry and Laser Doppler Velocimetry
  28. Laser Doppler Velocimetry and Ultrasonic Methods
  29. Measurement of Heat Flux
  30. Measurement of Heat Flux (Cont.)
  31. Trasient Method of Heat Flux Measurement
  32. Measurement of Volume and Mass Flow Rate of Fluid
  33. Flow Measuring Devices
  34. Measurement of Stagnation and Bulk Mean
  35. Measurement of Themo-Physical Properties
  36. Measurement of Thermal Conductivity
  37. Measurement of Heat Capacity and Heating Value
  38. Measurement of Viscosity (Cont.)
  39. Integrating Sphere and Measurement of Emissivity
  40. Measurements of Gas Composition
  41. Measurements of Gas Composition (Cont.)
  42. Measurements of Gas Composition and Smoke
  43. Measurement of Force
  44. Force Measurement
  45. Vibration and Acceleration Measurement
  46. Laser Doppler Accelerometer, Speed, Torque and Power Measurements
  47. General Issues in Mechanical Mearurement
  48. Case Studies

Course Description

In this course, Professor S. P. Venkatshan, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT, Madras (NPTEL), gives 50 video lectures on the basic concepts of Mechanical Measurements and Metrology. Some of the Topics covered are: Errors in Measurement, Propagation of Errors, Regression Analysis, Design of Experiments, Temperature Measurement, Thermoelectric Thermometry, Resistance Thermometry, Pyrometry, Pressure Measurement, High Vacuum, Fluid Velocity, Laser Doppler Velocimetry, Ultrasonic Methods, Heat Flux, Volume, Mass Flow Rate of Fluid, Stagnation, Bulk Mean Temperature, Viscosity, Gas Composition and many more.

The original name for this course is: Mechanical - Mechanical Measurements and Metrology.


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