Introduction to Ancient Rome 
Introduction to Ancient Rome
by Ernie Jones
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Date Added: July 24, 2017

Lecture Description

In this video we will be looking at all the topics in Ancient Roman History that we will be covering for the entire series.

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Course Index

  1. Introduction to Ancient Rome
  2. Part 1 Roman Legion
  3. Part 2 Roman Legion - Equipment
  4. Part 3 Roman Legion - Cavalry
  5. Part 4 Roman Legion - The Camp
  6. Roman Class and Social System
  7. Roman Family
  8. Roman Government and Senate
  9. Part 1 Roman Architecture
  10. Part 2 Roman Architecture
  11. The Roman Kings
  12. Part 2 of the Roman Kings
  13. Part 3 of the Roman Kings
  14. Early Roman Republic - Struggle for Central Italy
  15. Early Roman Republic - Part 2 Struggle for Central Italy
  16. First Samnite War
  17. Second Samnite War
  18. Third Samnite War
  19. Part 1 Pyrrhic War
  20. Part 2 Pyrrhic War
  21. Prelude to the Punic Wars - The Grandeur of Carthage
  22. Prelude to the Punic Wars - Military of Carthage
  23. Part 1 of the First Punic War
  24. Part 2 of the First Punic War
  25. Part 3 of the First Punic War
  26. Part 4 of the First Punic War
  27. Part 5 of the First Punic War
  28. Part 1 Mercenary War
  29. Part 2 Mercenary War
  30. Sardinia and Spain
  31. Here come the Gauls
  32. A preview of the Second Punic War
  33. Second Punic War - Hannibal in Spain
  34. Second Punic War - On to the Rhone
  35. Second Punic War - The crossing of the Alps
  36. Second Punic War - The Battle of Ticinus
  37. Second Punic War - The Battle of the Trebia
  38. Second Punic War - The Battle of Lake Trasimene
  39. Second Punic War - Fabius takes over
  40. Second Punic War - The Battle of Cannae
  41. Second Punic War - Events after the Battle of Cannae
  42. Second Punic War - A new kind of war
  43. Second Punic War - South of the Volturnus River
  44. Second Punic War - In Sicily
  45. Second Punic War - Tarentum
  46. Second Punic War - Target: Capua
  47. Second Punic War - Marcellus takes Syracuse
  48. Second Punic War - Capua falls
  49. Second Punic War - Iberia, Greece, and politics in Rome
  50. Religion in Ancient Rome

Course Description

Ancient Rome from the earliest beginnings all the way up to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 50 short videos, narrated and written by your host Ernie Jones.


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