Introduction to Aristotle 
Introduction to Aristotle
by Whitworth U / Bruce Gore
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Our studies now take us to the other great Greek philosopher, Aristotle. Although Aristotle was the greatest student of Plato, he took a quite different approach from that of his master. The emphasis for Aristotle focused on this world of particulars rather than Plato's world of universals. Aristotle was more of a scientist, and relied on observation rather than speculation to reach his convictions.

This first lesson introduces the life of Aristotle, and mentions the major branches of his writings. Aristotle was remarkable for his ambition. He hoped and intended to cover all branches of learning, and included in his thought both the practical areas of science but also the more theoretical disciplines such as mathematics and psychology. His contribution has been recognized as crucial to the development of human thought, and truly dominated educational ideas for hundreds of years!

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Course Description

This wide ranging course starts with the pre-Socratic philosophers of the ancient world, and traces the history of philosophical speculation across the ages up to the present. Included along the way is special attention to the greatest Christian thinkers in history, including Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin and many others.


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