Introduction and Review of Thermodynamics 
Introduction and Review of Thermodynamics
by IIT Kharagpur
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The course is designed as a core course for the undergraduate students of Aerospace engineering and contains the basic material essential for a foundation of compressible flow aerodynamics. The course introduces the fundamental concepts and principles of compressible flow and intends to provide the necessary background for advanced studies on the subject. A number of application problems are incorporated to illustrate the concepts. The course covers the general principles and essentials of compressible flow, the flow equations, one-dimensional gas dynamics, wave motion and waves in supersonic flow, flow in ducts, small-perturbation theory, method of characteristics and similarity rules. The exercises included in the course are intended to demonstrate the use of the course material and to outline additional equations and results. Even though the course is prepared mainly for the use of undergraduate students in aerospace engineering, it will also be useful to graduate students, teachers and practicing engineers and scientists.

Contents: Basic concepts of compressible flow, Governing equations of compressible flow, One-dimensional gas dynamics, Normal shock, Linear and nonlinear wave motion, Flow in ducts, Oblique shock and expansion, Interaction of waves, Shock-expansion theory, Small-disturbance theory, Linearized subsonic and supersonic flow, Method of characteristics, The similarity rules of high-speed flow and determination of critical Mach number of transonic flow.


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