Introduction: What is an Operating System? 
Introduction: What is an Operating System?
by UC Berkeley / John D. Kubiatowicz
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Lecture Description

August 27, 2008

- About the Instructor

- What is an Operating System?

- Examples of Operating Systems Design

- Why Study Operating Systems?

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Course Description

In this course, Prof. John D. Kubiatowicz gives 23 video lectures on Operating Systems and System Programming. 

Topics discussed in this course are:

- Basic concepts of Operating Systems and System Programming.

- Utility Programs, Subsystems, Multiple-program Systems.

- Processes, Interprocess Communication, and Synchronization.

- Memory Allocation, Segmentation, Paging.

- Loading and Linking, Libraries.

- Resource Allocation, Scheduling, Performance Evaluation.

- File Systems, Storage Devices, I-O Systems.

- Protection, Security, and Privacy.

Course Details:

UC Berkeley Webcast

CS162 - Spring 2007

Original Course Name:
Computer Science 162 - Spring 2007.


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