Invariance of Electric Charge 
Invariance of Electric Charge
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Lecture Description

Lecture Subjects: Invariance of Electric Charge, Covariance of Electrodynamics.

Course Index

  1. Maxwell's Equations
  2. Gauge Transformations: Lorentz and Coulomb
  3. Green's Function for the Wave Equation
  4. Momentum for a System of Charge Particles and Electromagnetic Fields
  5. Plane Waves in a Nonconducting Medium
  6. Reflection and Refraction of Electromagnetic Waves
  7. Fields at the Surface of and within a Conductor and Waveguides - Part 1
  8. Fields at the Surface of and within a Conductor and Waveguides - Part 2
  9. Waveguides & Modes in a Rectangular Waveguide
  10. Energy Flow in Waveguides
  11. Attenuation in Waveguides
  12. Fields and Radiation of a Localized Oscillating Source
  13. Electric Dipole Fields and Radiation - Part I
  14. Electric Dipole Fields and Radiation - Part II
  15. Magnetic Dipole and Quadrupole Fields - Part I
  16. Magnetic Dipole and Quadrupole Fields - Part II
  17. Multipole Expansion of the Electromagnetic Fields I
  18. Multipole Expansion of the Electromagnetic Fields II
  19. Angular Distribution & Sources of Multipole Radiation
  20. Scattering at Long Wavelengths
  21. Scattering by Dipoles and Small Dielectric Spheres
  22. Scattering by a Small Perfectly Conducting Sphere
  23. Perturbation Theory of Scattering
  24. Born Approximation
  25. Diffraction Theory
  26. Diffraction by a Circular Aperture
  27. Special Theory of Relativity & Lorentz Transformations
  28. Proper Time & Time Dilation
  29. Relativistic Doppler Shift
  30. Relativistic Momentum and Energy of Particle
  31. Mathematical Properties of the Space Time of Special Relativity
  32. Invariance of Electric Charge
  33. Covariance of Electrodynamics
  34. Transformation of Electromagnetic Fields
  35. Elementary Approach to a Relativistic Lagrangian
  36. Hamiltonian for a Charge Particle Interacting with External Electromagnetic Fields,
  37. Manifestly Covariant Treatment of the Relativistic Lagrangian
  38. Lagrangian for the Electromagnetic Field
  39. Canonical and Symmetric Stress Tensors
  40. Conservation Laws
  41. Solution of the Wave Equation in Covariant Form
  42. Lienard-Wiechert Potentials and Fields for a Point Charge
  43. Larmor's Formula
  44. Larmor's Formula and Its Relativistic Generalization
  45. Angular Distribution of Radiation Emitted by an Accelerated Charge
  46. Distribution in Frequency Radiated by Accelerated Charges
  47. Summary of Synchrotron Radiation & Cherenkov Radiation
  48. Thomson Scattering & Radiative Reaction Force

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce PhD level of Electromagnetic Theory. The subjects inculde the waveguides, radiating, systems, scattering and diffraction theory, special theory of relativity, dynamics of relativistic particles and radiation from relativistic particles.

Course Content: Diffraction radiation; introduction to special relativity and the covariant formulation; radiation from moving charges; multiple expansions; radiation reaction.


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