Kant on Understanding 
Kant on Understanding
by Wheaton
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Lecture Description

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Course Index

  1. The Beginning of Greek Philosophy
  2. The Moral Universe in the Pre-Socractics
  3. The Greek Sophists
  4. Plato's Epistemology
  5. Plato's Theory of Forms
  6. Plato on God
  7. God and Plato on the Human Soul
  8. Plato's Ethics
  9. Plato (conclusions) and Aristotle's Metaphysics
  10. Aristotle's Metaphysics 1
  11. Aristotle's Metaphysics 2
  12. Aristotle's God
  13. Aristotle's Epistemology and the Human Soul
  14. Aristotle's Ethics
  15. Epicurean Philosophy
  16. Stoicism
  17. Greek and Roman Skepticism
  18. Middle and Neo-Platonism
  19. Neo-Platonism and the Church Fathers
  20. Augustine and Neo-Platonism
  21. Augustine's Christian Philosophy
  22. Early Medieval Philosophy
  23. Problem of Universals
  24. Thomas Aquinas' Christian Aristotelianism
  25. Aquinas on God
  26. Aquinas' Moral Psychology and Ethics
  27. Duns Scotus and William of Ockham
  28. Summing Up Ockham's Revolution
  29. Francis Bacon
  30. Thomas Hobbes
  31. Descartes
  32. Descartes' Meditations 1
  33. Descartes' Meditations 2
  34. Descartes on God and Nature
  35. Descarte's Moral & Psychological Ethics
  36. Spinoza
  37. Reason and Emotions in Spinoza
  38. Spinoza (continued), Leibniz
  39. Leibinz's "Monads"
  40. Leibniz on Evil
  41. John Locke
  42. John Locke's Theory of Ideas
  43. Locke on Religion, Ethics, and Politics
  44. George Berkeley's Idealism
  45. Berkeley Replies to Objections
  46. David Hume
  47. Hume: Do We Know What's Real?
  48. Hume on Religion and Ethics
  49. Reactions to David Hume
  50. Scottish Realism
  51. Introducing Immanuel Kant
  52. Kant's Epistemology
  53. Kant on Understanding
  54. Kant on Metaphysics
  55. Kant's Ethics
  56. German Idealism
  57. Hegel
  58. Hegel's Phenomenology of the Mind
  59. Hegel on Absolute Spirit
  60. Post-Hegelian Idealism
  61. Whitehead's Process Philosophy
  62. Whitehead and Process Theology
  63. Whitehead's "Science and Modern World"
  64. American Pragmatism
  65. John Dewey
  66. Dewey's "Reconstructive Philosophy"
  67. Introduction to Existentialism
  68. Historical Roots of Existentialism: Kierkegaard
  69. Nietzsche and Introduction to Phenomenology
  70. Husserl and Heidegger
  71. Jean-Paul Satre
  72. Other Phenomenologists
  73. 19th Century Empiricism
  74. Bertrand Russell -- Logical Atomism
  75. Ludwig Wittgenstein
  76. Logical Positivism
  77. A.J. Ayer — Language, Truth and Logic
  78. Ordinary Language Philosophy
  79. Ethics Since Logical Positivism
  80. Philosophy of Language
  81. Philosophy Today and Tomorrow

Course Description

The complete lectures from Dr. Arthur Holmes' influential course, "A History of Philosophy," a collection of 81 lectures from the iconic professor at Wheaton College, Illinois.


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