Kick Drills 
Kick Drills
by eHow / Phillip Toriello
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Date Added: June 29, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, Swimming Instructor, Phillip Toriello, teaches how to practice the breaststroke kick, or frog kick, by doing kick drills using a kickboard or the streamline position.

Video Transcript: "PHILLIP TORIELLO: Hello and welcome to Expert Village, I'm Phillip Toriello from the Avila Bay Athletic Club. So, kick drills will include, of course, your kick board and really emphasize keeping the hips up on top of the water and focusing on the bend, open, snap. Now, that's just one drill that you can use for the kicking drill. You can also use the streamline kicking process as we did at the freestyle where you're keeping your hands out in front and working on the bend, open, snap and just utilizing your pop up breast. What this does is provide a real sense of balance in the water and body position. In your breaststroke, the kick is probably one of the most important aspects to a successful stroke. You're going to be focusing on that frog kick and it sounds funny but it has a lot of dynamics involved that really make the difference. For example, what I've found teaching children is that a lot of them will bend at the hips when they really ought to just be bending at the knees, opening and snapping. They'll bend at the hips at almost a 90 degree angle. So, instead of keeping their body like this or flat bending their knees, opening and snapping, what they end up doing is they bend at the hips, bend their knees which provides a lot of drag and will almost stop them in their forward momentum."

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Course Description

In this course, Swimming Instructor Phillip Toriello gives 15 easy video lessons on How to Swim Competitive Breaststroke. The breaststroke is a popular recreational and competitive swimming stroke. From the frog kick and arm motion to doing open turns and race starts, learn all about how to swim the breaststroke in this swimming video lesson series from a health and fitness expert. Some of the topics covered in this course are: Motion of Arms and Legs, Kick Drills, Pull Drills, Underwater Drills, Body Position, Breathing Techniques, Turns, Sprinting and Racing Tips and many more.


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