Kick Preparation 
Kick Preparation
by eHow / Peter Elizondo
Video Lecture 8 of 10
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Date Added: July 22, 2009

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In this video elsson, Swimming Instructor Peter Elizondo teaches how to prepare for a kick to propel the swimmer forward.

Video Transcript: PETER ELIZONDO: "Ok in this step this is step eight of the breast stroke. So remember we just finished having our hands, the top of our hands facing each other, and you are pulling, no open hands remember. Cause when you have open hands you are not grabbing any of the water. So you want to make sure they are closed, you're coming in at a half circle and on step eight you are going to quickly come back in a prayer position and you are going to get your feet ready to kick. Ok. On step eight. And so you are going to get back right here, you just finished taking your breath of water so let me show you a quick little picture of how that would be. So you just finished doing step seven, with the glide right, step eight, your head is in the water, as you are doing the half circle to pick yourself up and pull yourself, you are going to take a quick breath and then you are going to come back to prayer position on step eight. Ok with hands closed and right here by the chest. And you are going to get ready for your kick, let me show you real quick on the kick. So as you are in prayer position on step eight, your leg should be out like this at a forty five degree angle, getting ready to kick. And that's how you do step eight. So after you've finished pulling, taking that breath, the trick is come back quick, quickly come back into prayer position. So in order for you to quickly come back in to prayer position, a lot of mistakes people make, is you come to wide. You don't want to come to wide. Stay within shoulders, so when you pull right here, you can quickly come into shoulder, into prayer position right to the chest and then you'll again slice into the water. So again remember once you are pulling you come up for that breath, you are going to quickly come into prayer position and then pull into the water."

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In this course, Swimming Instructor Peter Elizondo gives 10 video lessons on Swimming the Breaststroke. He teaches how to swim the breaststroke with proper kicking technique, hand technique, foot position, breathing technique, kick preparation and continuous strokes. He demonstrates how to do a half-circle kick and how to push-off the wall.


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