Lecture 17: Currents 
Lecture 17: Currents
by UCLA / Edwin Schauble
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Lecture Description

November 4, 2009

Major Current Systems
1. North Atlantic gyre
2. South Atlantic gyre
3. North Pacific gyre
4. South Pacific gyre
5. Indian Ocean gyre
6. Antarctic Circumpolar Current

Currents on each edge of a Gyre have names.
Transverse Currents
Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Western Boundary Currents
Current flow rate in the Gulf Stream
Gulf Stream time-lapse SST
Eastern Boundary Currents
North Atlantic Gyre Boundary Currents
Coriolis “Geostrophic” Response
Weird non-gyre currents: Equatorial Counter Currents
Upwelling of Deep Water
Importance of Upwelling
Sites & Causes of Upwelling
Equatorial Pacific Upwelling
Coastal Upwelling
Upwelling and Downwelling Flows
Deep Currents in the Ocean
Where does deep water come from?
Deep Water Formation
Water Mass Classifications
Atlantic Deep Circulation
Global deep water ‘conveyor’

Lecture Notes: Lecture 17: Current ans Current2

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Course Description

In this course, Prof. Edwin Schauble gives 27 video lectures on Introduction to Oceanography. This class provides a general introduction to geological, physical, chemical, and biological processes and history of Earth's global oceanic system.

•High school science background
– Math: algebra & geometry, graphs
– Metric units
– Geography: maps, Earth's major features, longitude & latitude
– Chemistry: elements, atoms, molecules, chemical equations
– Physics: matter, density, waves, velocity, energy, gravity
– Biology: genus, species, evolution, plants & animals

Original Course Name: Earth & Space Science 15: Introduction to Oceanography.

: Some clips and images may have been blurred or removed to avoid copyright infringement.


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