Lighting: Driving Towards a World of LED Lighting 
Lighting: Driving Towards a World of LED Lighting
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Date Added: December 18, 2009

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November 2009

Light Emitting Diode (LED) technologies last 100 times as long as incandescent, have no glass or filaments, use 90% less energy, are non-toxic, and convert significantly less energy to heat. Explore the uses, problems and future of LED sources with Steven DenBaars, Michale Krames. Bruce Pelton and Jim Sanfilippo. Series: Summit on Energy Efficiency [11/2009] [Science] [Education] [Show ID: 17371]

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When you walk into a dark room and flip that switch, you probably dont think much about how or why that light bulb glows the way it does. Or what might replace it in the years ahead. Well, if youre concerned about energy efficiency and wondered where the future may take us, then dont miss this new series from the Institute for Energy Efficiency at UC Santa Barbara, where leaders from industry, government and academia came together to address progress in energy efficient technologies, commercialization and policy.

Date: November 2009


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