Like Terms 
Like Terms
by MathByFives
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Lecture Description

Like terms are terms with exactly the same variables raised to exactly the same powers.

Course Index

  1. Like Terms
  2. Combining Like Terms
  3. Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
  4. Translating Word Problems
  5. Solving Linear Equations (Part I)
  6. Solving Linear Equations (Part II)
  7. Functions and Relations
  8. Function Domain and Range
  9. Functions: Notation and Connection with Linear Graphs
  10. Graphing and Finding x and y Intercepts
  11. Composition of Functions
  12. Vertical Line Test
  13. Evaluate a Function From a Graph
  14. Find an Inverse and Check
  15. Function Evaluation and Word Problems
  16. Distance Formula
  17. Meaning of Slope
  18. Derivation of the Slope Formula
  19. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines and the Implications on Slope
  20. Derivation of the Equation of a Line
  21. Finding the Slope of a Line Between Two Points
  22. Finding an Equation of a Line Using the y=mx+b Form
  23. Graphing Equations in y=mx+b Form
  24. Finding the Equation of a Line With a Point and a Slope
  25. Graphing a Line Using a Point and a Slope
  26. Checking If A Point Is A Solution To A System
  27. Vertical and Horizontal Lines and Their Graphs
  28. Three Types of Systems
  29. Solving a System by Addition/Elimination (Part I)
  30. Solving a System by Addition/Elimination (Part II)
  31. Solving a System by Addition/Elimination (Part III)
  32. Solving a System by Substitution (Part I)
  33. Solving a System by Substitution (Part II)
  34. Solving a System by Graphing
  35. System of Three Variables
  36. Standard Form to Preferred Form for a Quadratic
  37. Solving Equations in Quadratic Form
  38. Graphing Quadratics Using Preferred Form
  39. Derivation of the Quadratic Formula
  40. Using The Quadratic Formula
  41. The Quadratic Formula
  42. The Discriminant
  43. Complete the Square
  44. Pythagorean Theorem Application
  45. Derivation of the Vertex Formula
  46. Introduction to Polynomials
  47. Add and Subtract Polynomials
  48. Multiplying Polynomials
  49. Multiplying Polynomials Using Special Products
  50. Using the General Factoring Strategy
  51. Factoring Polynomials: Special Forms (Part I)
  52. Factoring Polynomials: Challenging Ones (Part II)
  53. Factoring Trinomials: Leading Coefficient of 1 (Part I)
  54. Factoring Trinomials: AC Factoring Method (Part II)
  55. Rational Inequalities
  56. Polynomial Inequalities
  57. Absolute Inequalities
  58. Systems of Inequalities
  59. Compound Inequalities (Part I)
  60. Compound Inequalities (Part II)
  61. Find the Domain of a Rational Expression
  62. Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
  63. Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
  64. Solving Rational Equations
  65. Complex Rational Expressions
  66. Rationalizing Denominators
  67. Domain of Radical Functions
  68. Addition and Subtraction of Radicals
  69. Multiplying Radicals
  70. Product and Quotient Rule for Radicals
  71. Solving Radical Equations (Part I)
  72. Solving Radical Equations (Part II)
  73. Operations with Complex Numbers
  74. Imaginary Numbers with Evaluation
  75. Exponents (Part I)
  76. Exponents (Part II)
  77. Exponent Properties
  78. Examples of Exponents
  79. Properties of Negative Exponents
  80. Exponents with Integers
  81. Rational Exponents
  82. Solving Exponent Equations
  83. Graphing Exponential Functions
  84. Square Root Property
  85. Square Root of the Answer
  86. Why The Absolute Value When Simplifying Roots
  87. Simplifying Roots with Higher Indexes
  88. Find the General Form for an Ellipse
  89. Graphing The Hyperbola
  90. Graphing the Ellipse
  91. Graphing Circles
  92. Determine the Form for Conics
  93. Logarithmic Equations
  94. Expanding Logarithms
  95. Domain of a Logarithm
  96. Combine Logarithms
  97. Log Properties
  98. Introduction to Series

Course Description


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