List Fragments 
List Fragments
by John Purcell
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Date Added: July 3, 2016

Lecture Description

ListFragment is a specialised kind of fragment that makes displaying lists very easy. We'll take a look at it here.

Course Index

  1. Setup and Installation
  2. Creating an Emulator
  3. Hello World
  4. The EditText View
  5. Buttons and LinearLayouts
  6. Responding to Button Clicks
  7. Debugging With DDMS and Logcat
  8. Saving Files to Internal Storage
  9. Reading Files from Internal Storage
  10. String Resources
  11. Icons
  12. Debugging on Your Phone
  13. Preferences
  14. Toasts
  15. Adding a New Activity
  16. Displaying Images
  17. Getting Touch Coordinates
  18. Alert Dialogs
  19. The Event Listener Pattern
  20. Creating Databases
  21. Inserting Database Values
  22. Retrieving Database Values
  23. Asynchronous Tasks
  24. Return Values from Asynchronous Task
  25. Supporting Different Screen Resolutions
  26. Intents and Launching Activities
  27. Nesting Viewgroup
  28. Option Menus
  29. Passing Data to Activities
  30. Sub Activities
  31. Taking a Photo
  32. Saving Photos
  33. List Views
  34. Dynamically Populating Lists
  35. Formatting List Items
  36. Using Icons in Lists
  37. Styles and Themes
  38. Selectors
  39. RelativeLayout
  40. Browsing the Gallery
  41. Getting an Image from the Gallery
  42. The Activity Lifecycle and Saving Data
  43. Pre Publication Checks
  44. Taking Screenshots of Your App
  45. Exporting and Signing Your App
  46. Publishing Your Application
  47. Using 3rd Party APIs
  48. ActionBars
  49. Downloading from the Internet
  50. Internet Communication Overview
  51. Creating a Server For Your Phone Apps
  52. Sending Small Amounts of Data to a Server
  53. URL Encoding
  54. Introducing JSON with Twitter and The Onion
  55. Parsing JSON
  56. Formatting Data as JSON
  57. Responding to Post Requests in a Servlet
  58. Posting JSON Data to a Server
  59. Introducing Fragments
  60. List Fragments
  61. Formatting ListFragment Items
  62. Fragment Communication Observer Pattern
  63. Managing Fragments
  64. Games and Animation Introduction
  65. SurfaceView
  66. POV Ray and Psyche
  67. Drawing Bitmaps
  68. Detecting Surface Changes
  69. The Game Loop Thread
  70. The Game Class
  71. Sprites
  72. Animating the Sprite
  73. Bouncing a Ball
  74. Bring Out the Gimp Autocropping
  75. Adding the Bats
  76. Randomizing the Ball
  77. Controlling the Player's Bat
  78. Adding Intelligence
  79. Collision Detection
  80. Drawing Text
  81. Game States
  82. Playing a Sound
  83. Playing Multiple Sounds
  84. Controlling the Volume
  85. Installing Google Play Services
  86. Registering the Debug Key
  87. Adding Markers to Maps
  88. Getting the Demo Map App Running

Course Description

A practical guide to Android development. Learn to create Android programs using Java, and create the app of your dreams!

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