Making histograms, boxplots,and timeplots with a graphing calculator 
Making histograms, boxplots,and timeplots with a graphing calculator by ProfRobBob
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Lecture Description

An introduction to making histograms and boxplots with the TI-83 and TI-84.

Course Index

  1. Stem Plots in Statistics
  2. Histograms in Statistics
  3. Making histograms, boxplots,and timeplots with a graphing calculator
  4. Catagorical Graphs in Statistics
  5. Describing Distributions in Statistics
  6. Determining Skewness In Ogive Graphs
  7. Resistance, Mean, Median, 5 Number Summary and BoxPlots
  8. Standard Deviation Preview and IQR Test
  9. Distribution Shapes, Ogive Graphs, and Time Plots
  10. Standard Deviation and Linear Transformations
  11. Density Curves, Empirical Rule & Normality, Z-score Intro
  12. Normal Probability Plots & the TI-84
  13. z-score Calculations & Percentiles in a Normal Distribution
  14. TI-NSPIRE Z score to Pval & Pval to Zscore NormCDF invNorm
  15. Scatter Plot Intro and Lurking Variables defined
  16. Intro of Corellation "r" to measure linear strength
  17. Outlier vs Influential Point
  18. Regression lines, Residual plots, and Correlation with TI-NSpire
  19. Least Squares Regression Line Notes
  20. Regression Lines and Correlation with TI-84
  21. Log Transformation Part 1
  22. Log Transformations Part 2
  23. Log Transformations with a TI-NSPIRE
  24. Histogram, Boxplot, Dot Plot, & Normal Prob Plot on TI-NSPIRE
  25. Scatter Plot, Linear Reg, Correlation & Residuals with TI-NSPIRE
  26. Log Transformations with TI-84
  27. Simpson's Paradox
  28. Relationship between catagorical variables in a 2 way table
  29. Log Tranformation with TI-NSPIRE
  30. Causation Defined & 5 Key Checks for Signs of Causattion
  31. Sampling Techniques Part 1
  32. Sampling Techniques Part 2
  33. Cautions about Sample Surveys, Causes of Bias, and Inference defined
  34. Sampling Techniques & Cautions (Full Length)
  35. Experimental Design Part 1
  36. Experimental Design Part 2
  37. Simulation Notes for Statistics
  38. Intro to Probabilities in Statistics (Full Length)
  39. Intro to Probabilities Part 1
  40. Intro to Probabilities Part 2
  41. Intro to Probabilities Part 3
  42. General Probability Rules (Full Length)
  43. General Probability Rules Part 2
  44. General Probability Rules Part 1
  45. Discrete & Continuous Random Variables (Full Length)
  46. Discrete & Continuous Variables Part 1
  47. Discrete & Continuous Variables Part 2
  48. TI-NSPIRE Discrete Random Variable Mean & Standard Deviation
  49. Combining Means and Variance in Statistics
  50. Combining Means and Variance Examples
  51. Binomial Setting & Binomial Distribution in Statistics Pt 1
  52. Binomial Setting & Binomial Distribution in Statistics Pt 2
  53. Geometric Setting & Distribution in Statistics
  54. Calculating 1-Var Statistics with a TI-NSPIRE
  55. Intro to Sample Mean Distribution and Central Limit Theorem
  56. 1 Sample Mean Z-Test Example
  57. Introduction of Sample Proportions
  58. Example of 1 Sample Proportion Z-test
  59. N-SPIRE 1 Proportion Z-Test Example
  60. Intro to Confidence Intervals & 1 Sample Mean z Interval
  61. 1 Sample Mean t-Confidence Interval
  62. Matched Pairs t Confidence Interval
  63. 1 Sample Proportion z Confidence Interval
  64. Significance Hypothesis Test Intro & Matched Pairs t-Test
  65. 2 Sided Hypothesis Tests & Confidence Intervals
  66. Type 1 Error Type 2 Error Power 1 Sample Mean Hypothesis z-Test
  67. Power of a T Test 1 Sample Mean
  68. Power 1 Sample Proportion z-Test (2 Sided)
  69. 2 Sample Mean t-test & Confidence Interval
  70. 2 Sample Mean Hypothesis t Test & Confidence Interval Example w/ TI-NSPIRE
  71. 2 Proportions Pooled Hypothesis z-test & Confidence Intervals
  72. Chi Square Goodness of Fit Test
  73. TI-NSPIRE Chi Square Goodness of Fit Test
  74. Chi Square Test for Independence & Homogeneity
  75. TI-NSPIRE Chi Square Test on 2 Way Tables
  76. Chi Square Calculation by Hand
  77. Linear Regression t test and Confidence Interval Corrected
  78. Linear Regression t test and Confidence Interval
  79. TI-NSPIRE Linear Regression t-test & Confidence Interval of slope

Course Description

In this series, the very helpful and fun math teacher Mr. Rob Tarrou teaches students everything they need to know to get a 5/5 on their AP Statistics exam by the College Board. His videos are friendly, easy to understand, entertaining, and very well organized, all thanks to Mr. Tarrou great dedication to teaching and enthusiasm for mathematics


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