Meaning of Temperature and Heat 
Meaning of Temperature and Heat
by University Physics Tutorials
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In this video tutorial series, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics are introduced. It's pitched at undergraduate level and while it is mainly aimed at physics majors, it should be useful to anybody taking a first course in thermodynamics, such as engineers.

The course covers topics such as the Ideal Gas Law, Entropy, Enthalpy, Gibbs' and Helmholtz' Free Energy, Heat Capacity, Einstein Solids, Taylor and MacLaurin Series / Expansions, phase transformations, thermodynamics identities, the Clausius Clapeyron Relation, Joule Thompson Throttling, Adiabatic Cooling, the paramagnet and of course the all important Laws of Thermodynamics.

Thank you for watching and I hope that this matches your requirements. Please feel free to provide feedback via comments and share with your friends.

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