The Nervous System, Part 2: Action! Potential! 
The Nervous System, Part 2: Action! Potential!
by Crash Course
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Date Added: August 11, 2016

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TO: Carla
FROM: Christopher

Next stop is whenever. Just be like, "stop."


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What do you and a sack of batteries have in common? Today, Hank explains.


Table of Contents:

Ion Channels Regulate Electrochemistry to Create Action Potential 4:51
Resting State 3:22
Depolarization 6:09
Repolarization 7:35
Hyperpolarization 8:00



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In this Crash Course series, Hank Green teaches most of what you should know about anatomy and physiology, perfect for a freshman-level biology course, or just your own curiosity about the human body.


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