Optical Spectrum Analyzer 
Optical Spectrum Analyzer
by MIT / Shaoul Ezekiel
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Date Added: February 22, 2013

Lecture Description

Video includes a demonstration of the use of a confocal cavity for the spectral analysis of single-frequency laser and multifrequency laser.

Course Index

  1. Overview of Lasers and Optics
  2. Linear polarizer
  3. Polarization rotation using polarizers
  4. Quarter-wave plate
  5. Half-wave plate
  6. Optical isolator
  7. Scattered light in a dielectric
  8. Reflection at the air-glass boundary
  9. Reflection at the glass-air boundary
  10. Phase shifts in total internal reflection
  11. Two-beam interference — collimated beams
  12. Two-beam Interference: Diverging Beams
  13. Destructive Interference: Where does the light go?
  14. Fringe Contrast: Vibrations
  15. Fringe Contrast: Intensity Ratio
  16. Fringe Contrast: Polarization Difference
  17. Fringe Contrast: Path Difference
  18. Coherence Length and Source Spectrum
  19. Plane Mirror Cavity: Collimated Beams
  20. Plane Mirror Cavity: Diverging Beams
  21. Curved Mirror Cavity: Radial Modes
  22. Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  23. Fraunhofer Diffraction: Adjustable Slit
  24. Fraunhofer Diffraction: Two Slits
  25. Fraunhofer Diffraction: Multiple Slits
  26. Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - thin wires
  27. Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - rectangular aperture
  28. Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - circular apertures
  29. Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - crossed multiple slits
  30. Optics: Fresnel diffraction - adjustable slit
  31. Optics: Fresnel diffraction - circular apertures
  32. Optics: Single mode fiber
  33. Optics: Multi-mode fiber
  34. Optics: Polarization in a single mode fiber
  35. Laser fundamentals I: Simple laser
  36. Laser fundamentals I: Light amplifier
  37. Laser fundamentals I: Polarization of laser light
  38. Laser fundamentals I: Spectrum of laser light
  39. Laser fundamentals I: Light inside and light outside laser
  40. Laser fundamentals II: Optics of laser beams
  41. Laser fundamentals II: Laser transverse modes
  42. Laser fundamentals II: Laser linewidth
  43. Laser fundamentals III: Reflection back into laser
  44. Laser fundamentals III: High power argon laser
  45. Laser fundamentals III: Multi-wavelength argon laser
  46. Laser fundamentals III: Single-frequency argon laser
  47. Laser fundamentals III: Tunable dye laser
  48. Laser fundamentals III: Dye laser excitation of sodium
  49. Laser fundamentals III: Dye laser induced fluorescence in iodine

Course Description


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