Overview of the Breaststroke Arm Movement 
Overview of the Breaststroke Arm Movement
by eHow / Rotem Agame
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Date Added: July 10, 2009

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In this video lesson, Swimming Instructors, Rotem Agame and Olga Tzinker, teach that the arm movement for the breaststroke kick involves starting in streamline position, moving the arms out and to the sides, then returning to streamline.

Video Transcript: "Hi, I'm Olga and I'm Rotem. We're former professional swimmers and we're here on behalf of Expert Village. So now we're going to show you the pull part of the stroke. It's really important to take it slow and go through the movement we're explaining. So you start from the streamline position like in every other stroke, remember freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke all require the streamline position. You start opening your hands out to the sides with the elbows slightly bent. So you see the elbow is not straight it's slightly bent and you bring your hands into your chest and back to the streamline position. One more time, open to the side with the elbow slightly bent, bring your hand to your chest and back front. Okay, now from a different position and I wanted to add something, if you're a parent teaching your child, you can place your hand slightly under your kid's hand and actually move with his hands showing him the motion. As we showed you before, you open your hands out to the side, bring it to your chest and back to the streamline position."

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To feel one’s body weightless, floating in the water for the first time, buoyed up and drifting with the waves, is one of the milestones of life. Everyone probably has some memory of their first encounter with a public pool, local body of water, or one of Earth’s oceans. And learning to move with purpose in the water, instead of flailing about, was probably one of the most apprehensive moments of childhood; hopefully most of us had someone there to help us and teach us how to swim as the fishes do. Eventually, many of us became strong swimmers, utilizing the forms and strokes that are widely accepted as proper swimming technique.

In this course, Swimming Instructors Rotem Agame and Olga Tzinker give 14 easy video lessons on How to Swim the Breaststroke. Some of the topics in this course are: Leg and Arm Movements, Pulling and Breathing, Kicking Without a Kickboard, and many more.


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