Powder Diffraction 
Powder Diffraction
by CSM
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Date Added: March 13, 2015

Lecture Description

We begin this video by connecting the intensity to reciprocal space for polycrystalline materials using a concentric sphere model. We then show that one can measure this using omega two theta scans which radially grow a change in wave vector so it crosses different reflections. We also show that the distance between these spheres depends on the crystal system which gives rise to different intensity patterns.

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Course Description

Welcome to Solid State Physics in a Nutshell. This video series was originally designed to go along with the solid state physics course at the Colorado School of Mines. It follows and references the textbook by Kittel, Introduction to Solid State Physics, 8th edition. As these videos are now being updated to be a worldwide resource, they are also captioned to make viewing possible for everyone, near and far.

It spans 32 video lectures, covering the following topics:
1. Bonding and Crystal Structure
2. Elastic Diffraction
3. Elastic Scattering
4. Phonon Dispersions and Transport & Thermal Properties
5. Inelastic Scattering
6. Free Electron Model: Density of States & Heat Capacity
7. Weak Potential and Band Structures
8. Intrinsic Semiconductors


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