Predefined Macros 
Predefined Macros
by Bad Tutorials
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Date Added: April 26, 2017

Lecture Description

In this tutorial we'll learn to fetch system date and time using predefined macros.

Course Index

  1. Install Code::Blocks
  2. Hello Youtubers!
  3. Variables & Arithmetic Operators
  4. Comments, Newline Escape Sequence & Arithmetic Operators (Contd.)
  5. Program To Compute Simple Interest
  6. Receive Input from Users Using scanf()
  7. Simple Interest Program (Enhanced)
  8. Modular Division
  9. Characters
  10. The pow() Function
  11. Type Conversion in C
  12. Operator Precedence
  13. Associativity of Operators
  14. Distance Conversion Program
  15. Temperature Conversion Program
  16. The if Statement
  17. The if-else Statement
  18. Relational Operators
  19. Testing Without Relational Operators
  20. Nested if-else Statement
  21. The Logical AND Operator
  22. Logical OR Operator
  23. Logical NOT Operator
  24. Storage Classes Part One
  25. Escape Sequences
  26. Constants (Part-1)
  27. Constants (Part-2)
  28. Bitwise Operators (Part-1)
  29. Bitwise Operators (Part-2)
  30. Assignment Operators
  31. Sizeof Operator
  32. Address of Operator
  33. Ternary Operator
  34. Ternary Operator (Part-2)
  35. The Switch Statement
  36. While Loop
  37. For Loop
  38. Do-While Loop
  39. Nested Loops
  40. The Break Statement
  41. The Continue Statement
  42. Finding Prime Numbers
  43. Functions (Part-1) Declaration, Definition & Invocation
  44. Functions (Part-2) Parameter Lists, Actual & Formal Parameters
  45. Functions (Part-3) Return Statement
  46. The GOTO Statement
  47. Infinite Loop
  48. Functions (Part-4) Call By Value Method
  49. Functions (Part-4) Call By Reference Method
  50. Scope in C (Local & Global Variables)
  51. Introduction to Arrays
  52. Arrays (Part-2) Adding Array Elements
  53. Arrays (Part-3) Miscellaneous Information
  54. Two Dimensional Arrays
  55. Passing Arrays To Functions
  56. Introduction to Pointers
  57. Null Pointer
  58. Pointer to an Array
  59. Pointer to a Pointer
  60. Array of Pointers
  61. Introduction to Strings
  62. Predefined String Functions (Part-1)
  63. Predefined String Functions (Part-2)
  64. Introduction to Structures
  65. Accessing Structure Members
  66. The getchar() and putchar() Functions
  67. The gets() and puts() Functions
  68. Array of Structure Variables
  69. Passing Structures to Functions
  70. Pointers to Structures
  71. Unions
  72. Typedef
  73. Parameterized Macros
  74. Predefined Macros
  75. Type Casting in C
  76. Implicit Type Conversion
  77. Recursion in C
  78. Generating Fibonacci Series Through Recursion
  79. Running C Programs in Linux Environment

Course Description

A collection of 79 great (not bad, despite the name) tutorials on how to get started with C programming, including syntax and programming control structures such as loops, logic statements, strings, structures, and arrays.


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