Pull Drills 
Pull Drills
by eHow / Phillip Toriello
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Date Added: June 30, 2009

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In this video lesson, Swimming Instructor, Phillip Toriello, teaches how to practice the arm motion of the butterfly stroke by using a pull buoy to do pull drills.

Video Transcript: "PHILLIP TORIELLO: Hello and welcome to Expert Village. I'm Phillip Toriello from the Avila Bay Athletic Club. Butterfly Pull Drills: Basically, there's just one, as far as I'm concerned, and that's one utilizing the pool buoy. Basically, what you'll do is isolate your legs, meaning that you will not use your legs. And this is a common misconception with people. What they'll end up doing is they'll put this in their upper thighs and they'll end up kicking their knees while they're using their arms. So, when you're using the pool buoy, do not kick. I reiterate, do not kick. Basically, what this will do is provide you the opportunity to work and focus on your upper body strength, working on your catch, pull, push, and recovery. Now, during this drill, it's really quite helpful, during your recovery, to keep your arms low and close to the water. What people sometimes end up doing is, either due to arm strength or just not knowing, is they'll drag their arms through the water which, again, causes drag and resistance. So really, a good drill during this pull drill is to drag your thumbs just on top of the water. This is approximately how high you want your arms to come out of the water during this drill. And also work on bringing your arms, during the recovery, to line up just with your shoulders. Don't cross your shoulders over and don't have your shoulders too far out here as those both will slow down your stroke and slow down or reduce the distance per stroke."

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In this course, Swimming Instructor Phillip Toriello gives 15 easy video lessons on How to Swim Competitive Butterfly Stroke. The butterfly stroke is an impressive swimming stroke that requires both endurance and strength. From the dolphin kick to the arm motion, learn how to swim the butterfly stroke, plus get tips on practice drills and racing, in this free swimming video lesson. Some of the topics covered in this course are: Motion of Arms and Legs, Kick Drills, Pull Drills, Breathing Drills, One Arm Drills, Underwater Drills, Body Position, Breathing Techniques, Sprinting and Racing Tips and many more.



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