Quantum Mechanics II 
Quantum Mechanics II
by Yale / Ramamurti Shankar
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Date Added: June 13, 2011

Lecture Description

Lecture begins with a detailed review of the double slit experiment with electrons. The fate of an electron traversing the double slit is determined by a wave putting an end to Newtonian mechanics. The momentum and position of an electron cannot both be totally known simultaneously. The wave function is used to describe a probability density function for an electron. Heuristic arguments are given for the wave function describing a particle of definite momentum.

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Course Description

This is a continuation of Fundamentals of Physics, I (PHYS 200), the introductory course on the principles and methods of physics for students who have good preparation in physics and mathematics. This course covers electricity, magnetism, optics and quantum mechanics.

Course Structure:
75 minute lectures, twice per week


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