Resource Alternatives - Renewable Energy: The Technologies and the Programs 
Resource Alternatives - Renewable Energy: The Technologies and the Programs by UC Berkeley / Steve Weissman
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Lecture Description

March 13, 2008

In this video lecture, Prof. Steve Weissman discusses the following topics:

- The types of renewable energy including wind, biomass, landfill gas, photovoltaic, esoteric sources, and energy storage.

- The regulatory and legal strategies for encouraging the implementation of renewable energy options. Regulatory matters including PURPA, stranded benefits under deregulation, System Benefit Charges and Renewables Trust Funds, life cycle costs and emissions, Renewable Portfolio Standards, Renewable Energy Credits, net metering, and tax credits.

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Course Description

In this course, Prof. Steve Weissman gives 15 video lectures on Energy Regulations and the Environment. This course introduces students to the legal, economic, and structural issues that both shape our energy practices and provide opportunities to overcome these critical problems. The course focuses primarily on the regulation and design of electricity systems and markets, since so many energy choices—the use of oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, the green alternatives such as solar, wind, and energy conservation or “demand side management”— relate to the way we generate or deliver electricity, or avoid the need to do so.



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