RT4.1. Constructions from Linear Algebra (Expanded) 
RT4.1. Constructions from Linear Algebra (Expanded)
by Robert Donley
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Date Added: March 14, 2015

Lecture Description

Representation Theory: We apply techniques from linear algebra to construct new representations from old ones. Constructions include direct sums, dual spaces, tensor products, and Hom spaces.

Course materials, including problem sets and solutions, available at mathdoctorbob.org/UR-RepTheory.html

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Course Description

Doctor Bob provides 18 short video lectures on the introduction to representation theory. Group representations are where group theory meets linear algebra, and important applications arise in various math subjects (number theory, analysis, algebraic geometry), physics, and chemistry.

We consider the basic representation theory of finite groups. Goals include a look at Fourier series/analysis using groups and elementary character theory.


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