Spin Moves in Basketball 
Spin Moves in Basketball
by eHow / Travis Corpening
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Date Added: July 11, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, Basketball Instructor, Travis Corpening, teaches how to do some spin moves. These are a great way to get around the defender in basketball.

Video Transcript:
TRAVIS CORPENING: "Something else you might want to use to get open, just a little tidbit here, is a spin move. Now there was a player way back in the day, Earl the Pearl, he had this spin which nobody could handle, nobody could handle. So to show you a little bit, I may not be Earl the Pearl, to show you a basic, basic spin move. Now what you want to do is, you want to come down court and if you have a man here, a man here, you want to sell like you are going this way, you do not want him to know that you are going to spin, and at the very last minute, you want to spin and you switch hands. You switch hands so that you do not carry, and you do not travel. So what you do is, you dribble right here, switch hands, and come this way, and then take your shot, get your lay-up off. I am going to show you that one more time, a little faster, to make it more effective. What you want to do is, you are coming down, you are dribbling low, you are watching the court, he thinks you are going down, you just spin in, and then there you go, there you go. Make sure you switch hands, make sure you switch hands and do not use both hands, because that could be a double dribble if you continue dribbling. So there you have it, a spin move."

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In this course, Basketball Instructor Travis Corpening gives 15 easy video lessons on Advanced Basketball Techniques. In this video series on basketball, expert Travis Corpening will teach you about advanced basketball techniques. He'll teach you how to perfect your crossover dribble, do a shot fake, jump stop, ball fakes, and the no look and behind the back pass. He'll talk about v-cuts, setting screens, spin moves, dribbling with your knees, and the turn around jump shot. He'll even tell you how to do a 360 dunk, a one and two handed alley oop pass, and even how to pass the ball to yourself.


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