Sprinting Tips 
Sprinting Tips
by eHow / Phillip Toriello
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Date Added: July 1, 2009

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In this video lesson, Swimming Instructor, Phillip Toriello, teaches some sprinting tips for the butterfly stroke. When sprinting in a competitive butterfly stroke swimming race, hold your breath and go as fast as possible.

Video Transcript: "PHILLIP TORIELLO: Hello and welcome to Expert Village. I'm Phillip Toriello from the Avila Bay Athletic Club. Butterfly sprinting: What can be said? Basically, hold your breath and go. The butterfly sprint events include the 50 and the 100. So, it's up to 2 lengths or 4 lengths, and it's an all-or-nothing type race. Most people have enough energy to make it through that with consideration that they've worked on their technique, keeping their head low, working on their recovery position, and working on the timing as far as their kick/two-stroke ratio is concerned. Again, on a sprint race though, you're really looking to increase that turnover while trying not to compromise that technique. As far as your breathing during a sprint, it's completely optional. It's not like the breaststroke, which requires you to lift your head up out of the water every stroke. You can breathe as often as you like. It is the bottom line. In a sprint race though, like we've discussed before, the more often you lift your head and the higher you lift your head, the more resistance and drag you're going to add to your race and add to your stroke. So, if you wanted to keep your head down and fly through the 50, while--if you could maintain your efficiency during your stroke, by all means, do so."

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In this course, Swimming Instructor Phillip Toriello gives 15 easy video lessons on How to Swim Competitive Butterfly Stroke. The butterfly stroke is an impressive swimming stroke that requires both endurance and strength. From the dolphin kick to the arm motion, learn how to swim the butterfly stroke, plus get tips on practice drills and racing, in this free swimming video lesson. Some of the topics covered in this course are: Motion of Arms and Legs, Kick Drills, Pull Drills, Breathing Drills, One Arm Drills, Underwater Drills, Body Position, Breathing Techniques, Sprinting and Racing Tips and many more.



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