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In this Matplotlib tutorial, we're going to be talking about styles. With Matplotlib, we have styles which serve a very similar purpose to Matplotlib graphs as CSS (cascading style sheet) pages serve for HTML. As you can see up to this point, all of these changes we're making to our graphs start to add up, and we only have one axis so far! We could use for loops to at least keep the amount of code down, but we can also make use of these styles with Matplotlib.

The idea of a style page is to write your customization to a style file, and then, to use those changes and apply them to your graph, all you do is import style and then use that specific style. This way, let's say you are finding yourself always changing various elements of your graphs. Instead of having to write 25-200 lines of customization code per chart, you can just write it once to a style, and then load in that style and apply all of those changes in two lines! Let's get started.

sample code:

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Learn how to visualize data in the form of line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, 3D graphs, and more with Python 3 and Matplotlib.


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