Switching To Solar Energy
by Stanford / Larry Bawden
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Larry Bawden talks about the switch from Hydrogen to Solar Energy. He addresses the immense potential in Solar Energy. Bawden notes that this spaces has a very high investment rate in the past and believes that solar is a clean way to convert electricity.


So why solar? Why did I switch from hydrogen to solar? There will be nice niche markets for hydrogen for a while. Moving it around, having it compatible with codes and regulations and standards from counties to cities to states to federal governments is a challenge. Luckily, the federal government has not figured out how to regulate the sun. I'm sure it's coming. I'm sure it will happen, but as of now, they haven't done that. If you look at the watt hours per year the sun can produce versus all the other resources on earth, this is obvious. It's 360 million terawatt hours annually compared to anything else up there. So how can you not do that? It has been around for 56 years but there hasn't been much advancements or much investment thrown in the sector until the last 18 months; $500 million in just the US. It has been $500 million in solar energy just last 18 months in just our country. That's not worldwide. It was unbelievable. So you've gone from a total of 100 over 50 years to 500 in 18 months. So all kinds of things are happening out there. A lot of countries and other nations are seeing the same answer. How can you choose to ignore this? We have to tap into this resource because on top of this is an extremely way to convert clean electricity. 

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Course Description

Larry Bawden from Jadoo Power lectures on Entrepreneurship for Stanford University students, November 7, 2007. As an entrepreneurial leader, Larry Bawden has been focused on building companies that take technology from the lab and moving them through the process of commercialization and into a variety of consumer markets. In this Stanford lecture, he talks about switching to solar energy and a competitive strategy for solar energy start-us. 

Course Details:
- Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Lectures
- Stanford University's Entrepreneurship Corner (ecorner)

Original Course Name: Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Lectures


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