Synchronized Swimming Warm Up Exercises 
Synchronized Swimming Warm Up Exercises
by eHow / Ymajahi Brooks
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Date Added: July 10, 2009

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In this video lesson, Synchronized Swimming Instructor, Ymajahi Brooks, teaches some warm up exercises in the water to prepare for synchronized swimming .

Video Transcript: "YMAJAHI BROOKS: "Okay, next we are going to warm up in the water. We are going to practice the free-style stroke, the breaststroke, and the backstroke. These are all three strokes that are going to help us relax and get ready to perform our synchronized swimming movements. Free-style is also known as the front crawl stroke. It's stroke that is on your stomach, your arms are pulling you forward. You're using your arms to pull your body forward with the crawl stroke and you need to make sure to kick your feet. Also, turning your head to breathe is very important so that you can continue to breathe as long as you need to. Next, the breaststroke is considered more of a resting stroke, to allow you to stretch out and glide. You're going to use a frog kick. There's three pieces to that, you bring your legs up to like a butterfly position, then, you'll spread them out to like a V position, you'll squeeze them together to glide forward. Also, your arms are going to pull you forward with a circular motion. You are going to circle them around to lift your face out of the water. You stretch your arms back out when you squeeze your legs together. Put your face down to glide. Next, we'll be moving on to the backstroke. This one takes place, your face is out of the water the whole time. Your arms are always opposite, one arm is up, one arm is down, a nice long reach. You want them to move at the same time, while keeping your hips up and continuing to flutter kick your feet on your back. The more you reach the easier the stroke will be. Okay, everybody ready, goggles on. Let's warm up."

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Brightly smiling women in colorful one-piece bathing suits, donning white swimming caps, rising slowly out the water on a giant birthday cake replete with sparklers, diving off into the swimming pool in a perfectly timed sequence, each swimmer keeping form with the person before them. A bird’s eye shot of a circle of swimmers, each kicking their legs and waving their arms to create a kaleidoscope of geometric patterns. A beautiful water ballet, where all of the dancers move to a common, well-choreographed theme. These are just some of the tricks that an experienced synchronized swim team can pull off.

In this course, Synchronized Swimming Instructor Ymajahi Brooks gives 15 easy video lessons on Synchronized Swimming. Some of the topics covered in this course are: Stretches, Warm-up Exercices, Basic Strokes, Breathing Exercises, Egg Beater Kick, Body Jumps, Back Layout Sculls, Torpedo Sculls, Alligator Sculls, Support Sculls, Ballet Leg, Split Walkout, Barracuda Thrust, Hybrid Synchronized Swimming Figures, and many more. 


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