Taking Precision Shots in Soccer 
Taking Precision Shots in Soccer
by eHow / Mark Wilson
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Date Added: July 14, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, Expert Mark Wilson teaches that when precision matters more than power, kick the soccer ball with the inside of your foot.

MARK WILSON: "Hi! I'm Mark Wilson from United Soccer Academy. We are here today with Expert Village and we are taking a look at how we can shoot the soccer ball. We are going to have a look on how we shoot a soccer ball using the inside of our foot. We will do this when we have to try and place the ball, so we compromise on power but we look for placement. Okay so just to show that technique, we have our non kicking foot besides the ball, our kicking foot comes in with a lock ankle, our toe is lifted, our ankle is locked, and we strike the ball just below the ankle bone and we follow through. As we follow through, we actually drop our shoulders back. That gives us just the power that we need to place the ball past the goal keeper. Let's take look with our demonstrators. So just to recap we use the inside of the foot for placement, we want to push the ball past the goalkeeper. Our coaching points for our player are that we lift our toe, we lock our ankle, we follow through and we drop our shoulder back to give us the power that we need to score a goal."

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In this beginner soccer skills video series, Soccer Expert Mark Wilson gives 7 video lessons on How To Kick a Soccer Ball. Get ball shooting tips and moves to improve your game. This expert soccer coach will show you how to shoot with power, how to do a header, how to swerve, how to shoot a tight angle shot and more.


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