The Accelerating Pace of Change 
The Accelerating Pace of Change
by Stanford / Rodrigo Jordan
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Rodrigo Jordan, Founder of Vertical, suggests that technology and paradigms are changing at an accelerating pace. Because of this, what made one successful in the past may not lead to success in the future. Therefore, Jordan argues that entrepreneurship is a way of life in which on engages and tries to stay ahead of change over the course of your life.


I went to a conference in New York last October, full of scientists, no people like us, no entrepreneurs, no businessmen, nobody, just scientists. And these scientists were telling us, trying to tell the audience, I was part of the audience, what the future would look like. And it really hit me because the forecasts they are doing are absolutely unimaginable. And what is even worse is that the pace of change which we all agree that the world is a changing environment, that it changes everyday, that we need to keep up, but they were teaching to us that the past of change is accelerating to a speed that it would be very difficult to cope with. They were giving examples like if you get a bunch of scientists ten years ago and you would tell them to forecast when the DNA would be able to be read then they would forecast 20, 25 30 years and it came out in 5. Even the guys who are working there cannot grasp the speed of change and that's why I call this small talk paradigm shifts. Paradigms are changing as quickly as you can imagine and the yellow light that I bring to us in this talk is that all of the entrepreneurs in Endeavor have been quite successful, there is no doubt about it. But it looks like, this is valuable for anyone in a company, but it looks like that what made us successful in the successful in the last 5 or 10 years probably isn't going to make us successful in the next 5 or 10 years. And this has been said over and over again in these meetings in Endeavor entrepreneur encounters, that entrepreneurship is a way of life not just the one act in your life and you need to be always moving ahead and trying to stay ahead of the curve. 

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Rodrigo Jordan lectures on Entrepreneurship for Stanford University students, May 3, 2007. Nominated by Time magazine in 1995 as "one of the 100 young leaders for the new millennium", and leader of the first successful South American expedition to Mt Everest and K2, Dr Rodrigo Jordan has applied the leadership and team-building skills needed to climb the world's most challenging mountains to business and education. In this Stanford lecture, he talks about the accelerating pace of change and optimism in overcoming challenges. 

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