The New Historicism 
The New Historicism
by Yale / Paul H. Fry
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Date Added: October 26, 2009

Lecture Description


In this lecture, Professor Paul Fry examines the work of two seminal New Historicists, Stephen Greenblatt and Jerome McGann. The origins of New Historicism in Early Modern literary studies are explored, and New Historicism's common strategies, preferred evidence, and literary sites are explored. Greenblatt's reliance on Foucault is juxtaposed with McGann's use of Bakhtin. The lecture concludes with an extensive consideration of the project of editing of Keats's poetry in light of New Historicist concerns.

Reading assignment:

Greenblatt, Stephen. "The Power of Forms." In The Critical Tradition, pp. 1443-45

McGann, Jerome J. "Keats and Historical Method." In The Beauty of Inflections: Literary Investigations in Historical Method and Theory. New York: Oxford University Press, 1988

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Course Description

In this course, Prof. Paul H. Fry gives 26 video lectures on Theory of Literature. This is a survey of the main trends in twentieth-century literary theory. Lectures will provide background for the readings and explicate them where appropriate, while attempting to develop a coherent overall context that incorporates philosophical and social perspectives on the recurrent questions: what is literature, how is it produced, how can it be understood, and what is its purpose?


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