The V-Cut in Basketball 
The V-Cut in Basketball
by eHow / Travis Corpening
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Date Added: July 11, 2009

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In this video lesson, Basketball Instructor, Travis Corpening, teaches the v-cut in basketball. It can really get you open for a shot.

Video Transcript: TRAVIS CORPENING: "When you're playing basketball, one thing especially if you're playing with other people, it's really important to get open. So, one of the more effective ways of getting open is the v-cut. Just to show you exactly, how the v-cut looks, it's exactly what it says, you can make a v. Now, while I'm coming down court, and let's say I'm on the wing, let's say I'm over here on the wing and I got a point guard up top. Now, if I'm coming down, I want to sell, I want to sell the fact. I keep saying that and, the reason I'm saying sell it, you want people to think that you're going to do something else. I want to sell the fact that I'm going down here. So, I'm selling it. I'm walking myself down here, walking my man into the paint, defense into the paint, then I break out, just like that. So, to show you how it goes, stepping out here, I'm selling it, I'm going in, I'm going, he's got me relaxed, and I'm back out for the ball, taking the shot and there you have it. So, another way you can use the v-cut, is to step down here, you can use it cutting inside of the paint and back out or, you can use it up top or, different places all over the court so it's always just to simply get open. But, if you do the v-cut, and you go defense that doesn't go for the v-cut, what you can do is, set it up a couple of times first, act like you're going to do, act like you're actually going to go down. So, what I mean is, of course I'm going to fake down and cut back out but, if they?re not going for the fake, you have to sell it. The way you got to sell it is, maybe you really do go down here and play like you're going to play like you're getting the ball and a couple times you get the ball down low so the defense thinks that what you're going to do every time. Once you get them thinking that, then, that's when you execute the v-cut. So, I come down here the first couple times down court, I ask for the ball, might shoot a layup first couple times and, then the third time I act the same way. I act like I'm going to do the same thing. Walking them down and then I cut back out for the v-cut, just like that and I take the shot. So, there you have it, v-cut."

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In this course, Basketball Instructor Travis Corpening gives 15 easy video lessons on Advanced Basketball Techniques. In this video series on basketball, expert Travis Corpening will teach you about advanced basketball techniques. He'll teach you how to perfect your crossover dribble, do a shot fake, jump stop, ball fakes, and the no look and behind the back pass. He'll talk about v-cuts, setting screens, spin moves, dribbling with your knees, and the turn around jump shot. He'll even tell you how to do a 360 dunk, a one and two handed alley oop pass, and even how to pass the ball to yourself.


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