What is a Fluid? 
What is a Fluid?
by TAMU / Victor Ugaz
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Date Added: February 7, 2015

Lecture Description

Introductory lecture presenting a discussion of the key properties that distinguish fluids from other states of matter, a brief review of thermodynamic properties relevant to fluid mechanics, and the continuum approximation.

Course Index

  1. What is a Fluid?
  2. Introduction to Fluid Viscosity
  3. Surface Tension and its Length Scale Dependence
  4. The Young-Laplace Equation
  5. Flow, Deformation, Strain and Strain Rates
  6. Non-Newtonian Behavior: Shear Thinning, Shear Thickening, Bingham Plastic
  7. Power Law Model of Shear Thinning Behavior
  8. Velocity Gradients and Rates of Deformation
  9. Introduction to Conservation of Mass
  10. Differential Form of the Conservation of Mass
  11. Differential Form of the Conservation of Mass II
  12. Integral Form of the Conservation of Mass
  13. Integral Form of the Conservation of Mass II
  14. Transformation between Cartesian and Cylindrical Coordinates
  15. Velocity Vectors in Cartesian and Cylindrical Coordinates
  16. Continuity Equation in Cartesian and Cylindrical Coordinates
  17. Introduction to Conservation of Momentum
  18. Sum of Forces on a Fluid Element
  19. Expression of Inflow and Outflow of Momentum
  20. Cauchy Momentum Equations and the Navier-Stokes Equations
  21. Non-dimensionalization of the Navier-Stokes Equations & The Reynolds Number
  22. Solving Problems Using the Navier-Stokes Equations
  23. Conservation of Mass and Momentum: Analysis of Flow Through a Pipe
  24. Pressure Gradient Term in Pipe Flow
  25. Velocity Profile and Volume Flow Rate in Pipe Flow
  26. Introduction to Conservation of Energy & Bernoulli's Equation
  27. Obtaining Bernoulli's Equation from Conservation of Energy
  28. Kinetic Energy Correction Factor for Bernoulli's Equation
  29. Viscous Loss Correction for Bernoulli's Equation in Pipe Flow
  30. Macroscopic Momentum Balance to Obtain a Viscous Loss Correction for Bernoulli's Equation in Pipe Flow
  31. Friction Factors Expressing the Viscous Loss Correction for Bernoulli's Equation in Pipe Flow

Course Description

This video is part of a series of screencast lectures in 720p HD quality, presenting content from an undergraduate-level fluid mechanics course in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University (College Station, TX, USA).

From Prof. Ugaz:
My inspiration for producing this series of videos has been my lifelong personal journey to understand fluid mechanics and explain its beauty to others in a straightforward way. I have received no external support for this project... the effort is purely a labor of love.

I would like to acknowledge Aashish Priye and Jamison Chang for assistance in developing the materials and preparing the captioning.

Please feel free to share any comments or suggestions.

Best wishes,
Victor Ugaz


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