Video: Averting Armageddon from Asteroids

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Averting Armageddon

Great short videos from BBC science show 'Averting Armageddon'. Scientists discuss the potential threat of a massive asteroid hitting Earth and decide the best ways to avoid a worldwide catastrophe.

A group of scientists who were once mocked for their 'end of the world' asteroid explosion beliefs are given new respect by the astronomical community when a massive asteroid is discovered on an impact path with the planet Jupiter. Scientists believe that the craters visible on the moon's surface are evidence enough to support the theory that the Earth will eventually be hit by a massive asteroid. Could a 1km killer asteroid hit Earth with 20 times the power of all the nuclear weapons on the planet? A probe sent to one of the biggest asteroids in our solar system, Eros, is due to collect evidence before returning to Earth. Scientists explore potential ways to save the world by deflecting killer asteroids. A scientist reveals a revolutionary idea to help deflect potentially killer asteroids away from Earth.

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