Video: Carl Sagan 4th Dimension Explanation

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World famous astronomer and astrophysicist, the great Carl Sagan, explains the 4th dimension in his wonderful series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.
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sword_of_reason wrote 14 years ago.

Everthing is Energy and it must be understood
exactly what all energies are, time, mass, space, plasma,
light, life, thought, every known or unknown form of energy
ever conceived, they are all information, grains of
information that interact, transmute, expand, constrict, but
always build upon themselves, expanding out in all
realities. These energies all follow simple underlying
constraints, firstly they are all based on pure dichotomies,
and the very nature of realities are always what lies
between, secondly energy is in a state of evolution, its
constitution needs to ultimately transubstantiate into ever
more complex forms of information, thirdly all knowledge is
connected, a single ocean of unity.

We exist in an illusion of the perception of the
real, generated from the manifest physical, while the REAL
always remains hidden to our perception.


Time Explained

Transfinite Consciousness

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