Video: General Alexander MacArthur: "The Gathering Offensive" (1942)

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General MacArthur, General Alexander, "The Gathering Offensive" [AX5317]
FACTUAL FACTORY is a whole new way of looking at stock footage. Factual Factory- Stock Footage, (black & white) WWII, WW II, WW2, WW 2, World War Two, World War 2, World War II - General MacArthur is made Supreme Commander in the South West Pacific. Troops from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S. come to make a second attack on New Guinea. These men are faced with huge challenges: Malaria, Dysentery, starvation, snakes, Jungle Fever, etc... This was a war of man against man. Japanese fought hard but Americans secured their supply lines and were able to build an airfield. Africa- October 1942- British General Alexander is the commander. Allies started drive against the German Africa core. With General Alexander's lead the British conquer the German's. Russia- November 1942- Russia started it's defense. Battle of Stalingrad- one of the bloodest battles. Cost the Germans over half a million men. "The Gathering Offensive" 1943- President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill meet for a conference wanting unconditional surrender for Germany and Japan. By May French soldiers were now guarding German prisoners. Germany paid dearly with 30,000 dead, 20,000 wounded and 291,000 captured. Allied troops land in Sicily and Mussolini's 21 year rule ends. "The Air Front" Bombers went out day and night bombing Germany- factories, warehouses, railroads, submarine bases, ship yards, docks, air fields and oil refineries. "Invasion of Poland in 1939 by The German Army"- Nazis regulars move up- the German's call it, "Counter Attack With Pursuit" German's take a Polish town before the day is over.
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