Video: How to Count ALL Human Carbon Emissions in the US

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December 16, 2008


The Vulcan Project has estimated US fossil fuel CO2 emissions at the scale of individual factories, powerplants, roadways and cities. It has placed the inventory on a common 10 km x10 km grid at the hourly timescale for the year 2002. In addition to improvement in space and time resolution, Vulcan is quantified at the level of fuel type, economic sub-sector, and county/state identification. Vulcan is now estimating other years and including Canada and Mexico in its spatial domain.

Two development paths are planned: performing this effort across the planet at scales of ~ 100 km2 and downscaling the Vulcan effort within the US domain to all emitting sources with full energy demand-driven modeling in near realtime (codename: Hestia)

Speaker: Dr Kevin Gurney


Dr Gurney is an Assistant Professor at Purdue University and an Associate Director at Purdue Climate Change Research Center. He has participated in the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change) and sits on the steering committee of the Global Carbon Project. He works on simulation of the global carbon cycle, deforestation, and climate change policy.

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