Video: Imaging the Cellular Universe (October 9, 2006)

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Imaging the Cellular Universe Dr. Carolyn Larabell Professor of Anatomy, University of California, San Francisco; Professor, Berkeley Lab Advanced Light Source; Director, National Center for X-Ray Tomography Microscopes are among the most important instruments in any scientist’s toolbox. Since they were first used over three hundred years ago to see individual cells, microscopes have become increasingly more powerful and complex. Microscopes are now available that use light, electrons, and x-ray sources. Each of these microscopes has provided unique glimpses into the intricate structures and functions of cells. Although all cells have the same genetic composition and initially look alike, cells acquire unique shapes and functions throughout development into the adult organism. We now know that each cell of the human body is an elaborate universe capable of performing complex and highly coordinated functions. Microscopes have captured many of these events, revealing an astounding world within us. Professor Larabell’s lecture will take you on a journey to the cellular universe revealed by microscopy. Talk given Lecture given at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on October 9, 2006. Sponsored by Berkeley Lab Friends of Science.
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Topic: Cell Biology


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Johan Zeta wrote 10 years ago.
Me encanta la ciencia y es por eso que quiero pertenecer a
la comunidad cientifica a traves de la visita a esta

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