Video: To The Shores of Iwo Jima (1944)

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"To The Shores of Iwo Jima" [AX2560_1]

FACTUAL FACTORY is a whole new way of looking at stock footage. (color) World War Two, WWII, WW II, WW2, WW 2, World War II, World War 2 - “To The Shores of Iwo Jima.” American’s have a strong hold on Guam and Saipan and now the goal is Iwo Jima. Navy hits the island first. 500 landing craft arrive on the beach. Tanks come ashore and drive inland. Problems arise when soldiers hit Green Beach. Air and sea support is called in. Suribachi falls but the fight has just begun. Navy and the coast guard rush supplies for the big push north. In two weeks American’s have made progress but still have a long ways to go. Have to dig or burn out the Japanese one by one. Stacked the helmets of the dead in neat piles. 4000 men who died to take an island some where in the Pacific. Factual Factory- Stock Footage, (black & white) U.S. Navy Training Film: “The Fighting Lady’s Family.” No other country is as capable in the sea and in the air like the United States. Navy carriers brought naval air power which supplied heavier and heavier strikes. They shot down the enemies fighter planes, they dive bombed one strong hold after another, they protected our fleets against enemy retaliation and they shot up his ammunition and supply ships. The navy softened up the land and made it possible for troops to land on shore. Once ashore the Marines had their work cut out for them. The enemy was hidden in the ground. They had to literally be burned out of their holes. Without the help of the Air Force- this job would have been twice as hard. Surrender finally came. Most Naval ships were docked- with special protectant sealer applied to the steal and their gun mounts sealed shut. A few planes and ships remained in service. 'Operation High Jump' was an exploration of Antartica by air. Big planes attached with skies took off. Men learned how to survive in the extreme weather. All kinds of air experimentation took place in the peaceful months after the war.

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