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WW 2: D-Day: June 6, 1944. PART ONE: It all began on the beaches of Normandy. Pictures of D-Day as seen by the photographers. D-DAY CONVOY: Dec. 1943- Eisenhower presents a directive against Nazi Germany. Hit them hard and then invade by sea. The capture of a port was of the upmost importance. Cherbourg was selected as the port of choice. For a year supplies were shipped to Great Britain and so were men. They trained for the big day. Mean while the air force was hitting Germany hard. 65,000 men got their orders and were on the move. Each man was issued a gas mask, cigarettes, food and money. Preparation for departure took several days. Eisenhower pays a visit to the paratroopers.

The Naval bombardment opened up. Infantry units board their boats and hit the shores. D-DAY PART TWO: United News: Preparation for invasion: supplies, ships, men, etc... Nothing was left to chance. June 5th, 1944: D-Day. Caen- the battle ground. Bombers, paratroopers, barges come ashore and are already under fire. Normandy Invasion: D-Day 3: June 9th, 1944. Troops have moved inland but not without the price of men and material. Jan. 1944- men went through rigorous training. After training they were shipped out. May 1944: Thousands of planes continue to soften enemy defenses and communication. H-Hour: Heavier landing crafts approach the beach slowly. LCI's get the first wave out and come back for their second group, reinforcements arrive, coast guard looks for survivors and aids ships in distress, the hospital ships await the wounded, more troops move inland, the LST’s land their cargo on the beach. RAW FOOTAGE: Men look over maps, priest holds church service on deck, men sleep & wounded are moved

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