Makeup Tutorials, with Michelle Phan

Course Description

In this course, Michelle Phan gives 50 video lessons on Makeup Tutorials. Some of the looks she introduces are perfect for everyday use, Birthday parties, Christmas and New Years, Halloween and Valentine's Day. Michelle Phan also teaches some Smoky Eye techniques, how to apply concealer and foundation, how to achieve a great look in 5 minutes and many more.

Makeup Tutorials, with Michelle Phan

Makeup Instructor Michelle Phan in Lecture 32: Summer Sunset Eyes.

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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Makeup For Glasses Play Video
2 Mysterious Masquerade Look Play Video
3 Purple Hazy Look Play Video
4 Glamorous Birthday Look Play Video
5 Anime Eyes Tutorial Play Video
6 Seductive Smoky Eyes Tutorial Play Video
7 Basic Smokey Eye Tutorial Play Video
8 Brighter and Larger Looking Eyes Play Video
9 Basic Eyebrows Tutorial Play Video
10 Eyeliner Tutorial: Pencil, Cream/Gel and Liquid Play Video
11 Basic Foundation Tutorial Play Video
12 Eyeshadow Tutorial: Wet on Wet Technique (Part 1) Play Video
13 Eyeshadow Tutorial: Wet on Wet Technique - Green (Part 2) Play Video
14 Eyeshadow Tutorial : Wet on Wet Technique - Warm/Cool (Part 3) Play Video
15 Airplane Makeup Tutorial Play Video
16 Basic Concealer Tutorial Play Video
17 Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial Play Video
18 Holiday Snow Princess Tutorial Play Video
19 Simple Everyday Look: With Pur Minerals Play Video
20 New Years Eve/Party Makeup Tutorial Play Video
21 Modern Mod Makeup Play Video
22 Everyday Chic School Look Play Video
23 Romantic Valentine Look Play Video
24 Fresh 5 Minutes Makeup Play Video
25 Professional Day to Glamorous Nights Out Play Video
26 Antique Smokey Eyes Play Video
27 Smokey Royal Blue With Glasses Play Video
28 Hippie Princess: Spring Edition 1 Play Video
29 Airplane Makeup Tutorial 3 Hours Flight Play Video
30 Double Wing Eyeliner Play Video
31 Summer Lush Makeup Tutorial Play Video
32 Summer Sunset Eyes Play Video
33 Clubbing (Part 1) Play Video
34 Sexy Leopard Print Eyes Play Video
35 Aurora Eyes Play Video
36 Geisha Halloween Play Video
37 Sailor Moon Transformation Play Video
38 Snow White Play Video
39 How To Be a Ninja in 30 Seconds Play Video
40 Barbie Transformation Play Video
41 Simple Fast Makeup Play Video
42 Winter Wonderland Play Video
43 Holiday Glam Play Video
44 New Years Glam Play Video
45 Lady GaGa Poker Face Tutorial Play Video
46 Avatar Inspired Look Play Video
47 Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" Look Play Video
48 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Play Video
49 Lunar New Year Tiger Eyes Play Video
50 Double Lines Play Video
51 Tim Burton Look Play Video
52 My Exciting News! Play Video
53 I'm In Vogue Play Video
54 Chic Makeup For Glasses Play Video
55 Clubbing Makeup Tutorial Play Video
56 Theme Park Makeup Play Video
57 Graduation Tutorial Play Video
58 Pretty Prom Play Video
59 Sexy City Look Play Video
60 Natural Bridal Look Play Video
61 Summer Meadow Play Video
62 Natural Beauty Play Video
63 Back to School Look & Fashion Play Video
64 School Picture Day Look Play Video
65 Airplane Beauty Tips Play Video
66 Cute Bumble Bee Look Play Video
67 Glamorous Fall Look Play Video
68 Nana Play Video
69 Elegant Masquerade Play Video
70 Disney Princesses Play Video
71 Catwoman Look Play Video
72 New Years Magic Play Video


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remy wrote 10 years ago.

MAY TA wrote 11 years ago.
Hi Michelle,

I like your make-up courses and can learn a lot of technique
skills from its.

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